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    Choose Custom Blinds in Osborne Park

    You don’t want just any window treatments for your home in Osborne Park. Instead, you want something unique that perfectly suits your tastes, budget and needs. Turn to Blind Magic for truly custom blinds that will make your living and private spaces stand out and feel perfectly you.

    Since 1989, we’ve provided custom blinds to residents all across Osborne Park. We’re confident that when you visit our storefront or give us a call, you’ll find the exact window treatments you’ve dreamed of. Even if you don’t find some of our pre-made custom options to your fancy, we’re happy to listen to you and craft custom blinds that bring your vision to life.

    Experience Pure Magic

    Plain window coverings just look drab and uninviting. What’s more, these traditional coverings may not work well for your preferences or lifestyle. We create and provide a range of custom window treatments for any need.

    For example, if you need to keep cords away from small children or animals, try some of our remotely operated window coverings. You simply use a controller to raise and lower the blinds to let light in or block it from your home’s interior. We can even provide you with a wall switch that controls the entire system.

    Want these treatments to match your current furnishings, décor or home fabrics in addition to the added convenience? No problem! We work with more than a dozen companies to provide some of the most unique fabrics available.

    We’re open weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., so feel free to stop by our showroom at your convenience to see some of our custom offerings in person. If you have any questions, call us on  08 9240 1677. We look forward to helping you enhance your home and make it feel perfect.

    Roman blinds

    These blinds can be made from any curtain or upholstery fabric, which offers the opportunity for co-ordinating your blinds with the rest of your soft furnishings. They can be made with a variety of different linings, which control the amount of light coming in through the window. 
    blind magic soft romans

    Soft Romans

    Soft Romans, as the name suggests, give a soft, folding effect, and come in a wide variety of finishes.
    blind magic bonded romans

    Bonded Romans

    Like the soft Romans, bonded Roman blinds are available in a wide range of finishes, including swags, contrast bands and false pelmet tops. Made with blockout lining which is bonded to the main fabric, these blinds have a firm folding effect.
    blind magic calypso romans

    Calypso Romans

    Calypso Roman blinds are modern blinds that have a streamlined, contemporary construction with a smooth finish. The fabric features small tucks every 30 cm or so, giving the blind its character. These blinds are available in a number of materials, including blockout, light-filtering and sunscreen, allowing a variety of colours and textures.
    Some of our blinds in a home in Malaga

    Caribbean Romans

    Caribbean Roman blinds are available in a variety of colours and wood finishes. Available in a variety of colours and wood finishes, these stylish blinds feature battens to the front and rear of the blind. These battens are usually spaced approximately 20cm apart. Like Calypso Roman blinds, they fold up, giving a pelmet effect above the window.

    Roller blinds

    Roller blinds are available as blockout, light-filter or bonded blinds, each offering different functionality to the user. Blockout blinds are stylish, low-maintenance and cost effective, giving night-time privacy for your home. Perfect for your media room, they prevent light falling on your screen.
    blind magic light filter roller blinds

    Light-filter roller blinds

    These allow for light to filter through to a room without compromising on privacy. As a result, they are gaining in popularity, particularly as they are available in many different fabrics, textures and colours.
    blind magic bonded roller blind castle trimmings

    Bonded roller blinds

    Can be made from any curtain or upholstery fabric, enabling you to co-ordinate your room. Firm blockout backing is bonded to the fabric, giving an incredibly stable product. A range of fantastic finishes are available on this type of blind.
    blind magic sunscreens

    Sunscreen roller blinds

    Protect your room from glare and UV without compromising on the view. They can protect you and your furnishings from damaging UV light and even help keep the sweltering summer heat out.

    Panel glides

    blind magic panel glides glissade
    Panel glides slide sideways along a track and are often used in contemporary style houses. With a minimalist effect, they are highly functional as sliding or bi-fold doors, and are simply a vertical hanging panel of either roller or roman fabric, fitted to slide along a track.


    blind magic shutters

    Available in a range of colours and wood finishes to suit your individual preferences, our shutters are modern European-styled window furnishings that can really add pizzazz to your windows.

    Shutters are low maintenance, have great flexibility and can be fixed, sliding or bi-fold.

    They are usually made of timber of polycarbonate and can block out heat and light during the summer or retain warmth during the winter.

    Venetian blinds

    blind magic slimeline venetians

    Venetian blinds feature horizontal blinds that offer great flexibility for the user. Enabling a change from partial block out to filtered light and privacy to complete visibility, our blinds also come in a range of different colours. Both our timber and lookalike timber Venetian blind slats are 50mm wide and share many features, however, the lookalike is manufactured from polycarbonate and can withstand high temperatures and the intensity of the sunshine in Western Australia. Both timber and lookalike are available in a range of timber colours, however the lookalike blinds are also available in smooth or woodgrain finishes.

    Slimline Venetians also come in a variety of colours and finishes and the slats are 25mm wide.

    Vertical blinds

    blind magic verticals
    Angled correctly, vertical blinds effectively block the glare while retaining your view. As a modern, solar-efficient window dressing solution, vertical blinds are a cost effective product often used on beach-side properties. They are very durable and come in a variety of colours and fabric options.

    Austrian blinds

    blind magic white austrian
    Choose from a large range of fabric swatches to give your windows a gorgeous, traditional look. Austrian blinds feature scoops or gathers across the whole body of the blind. These soft fabric blinds lift from the base, giving a pelmet effect when raised.

    London blinds

    blind magic arched london clouds

    As another traditional style blind, London blinds are perfect for those wanting a slightly more streamlined look compared to the Cloud or Austrian style. Ideal for narrow windows, London blinds also lift from the base to form a pelmet effect when raised. Featuring a single scallop at the base, these elegant, simple blinds are available in many different fabrics.

    Whatever style of blinds you require, Blind Magic can cater to your needs. From traditional to more contemporary styles, from simple yet elegant to complex and sophisticated, we are able to provide almost every style of blinds in an exhaustive range of materials.

    Cloud blinds

    blind magic white red floral cloud
    Like the Austrian blinds, cloud blinds are a soft fabric blind that lift from the base, creating a pelmet effect. They feature a scalloped finish to the base, and are perfect for giving your windows an elegant, traditional look. Our Cloud blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics.

    If it’s blinds you’re after, call Blind Magic today on 08 9240 1677 and find out why we’re the best in the business.

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